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How fast can you type?
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[EW] Wind 1st Dec 2013

Joined: 27th Nov 2013
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In my messing around on the internet tonight I did a few attempts at a words per minute test. I got a decent result, so I thought I'd share the test and see how you folks do. Just takes a minute.

http://10fastfingers.com/ ... typing-test/english#

Also, is it just me, or is inserting an image broken?

Last Edit: 1st Dec 2013 by Wind
[E-WAR] RifleDropper 1st Dec 2013

Joined: 15th Nov 2013
Rank: Admin / Cmdr [AD]
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I suck at typing...

Both linking and attaching seem to work fine for me man, dunno what to say.

192.81 KB
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1st Dec 2013
1500 x 1000
patrick 2nd Jan 2014

Joined: 19th Nov 2013
Rank: Registered User
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Forum » [EW] Community » General Discussion
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