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goat 20th Apr 2015

Joined: 20th Apr 2015
Rank: Registered User
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Hey guys, goat here

Been awhile eh? Good to see some of the old names!
As a personal update I'm still with the same girl I was with when last spoke with you guys. Going into 4th year environmental science studies. And I've developed nicely into a tree hugging hippie haha.

Just thought I'd say hi

Keep it real, all.


p.s. here's semi-recent photo of me and my gal:

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[E-WAR] A_Friend/Spiffzombie 21st Apr 2015

Joined: 18th Nov 2013
Rank: Admin / D. Cmdr [AD]
Posts: 71
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Heya Goat! Its good to hear from you again! if you ever have some time, you should come hang with us for a bit.

[E-WAR] DiCE 21st Apr 2015

Joined: 17th Nov 2013
Rank: Sr. Member/Sldr [AD]
Posts: 39
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Hey goat, long time no see, haha. You gave up on the youtube thing i guess? havent seen any videos in a while. hows life?

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ProSnipe 3rd May 2015

Joined: 2nd Sep 2014
Rank: Registered User
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Goat, don't visit, I went into their teamspeak and had a blast with the dudes and when I woke up and tried to enter and see if anyone was there I was permbanned for being drunk and an ass, no idea where that came from, lol.
Forum » [EW] Community » General Discussion
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